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October 26, 2006


tim cantor

I was at that screening. Talk about shitty stand-up... it was bombing thru the walls... Re-freaking-dick-u-lous. But even in that crap environment the movie shinned thru. I applaud that wacked flick. It's freakin out there man and it's pretty good and has my head spinning. Three days later I'm still talking about to my mates. Makes my top 10 this year without question. By the way, I stayed around after the screening cuz I had a drink to finish and the stand-up used the filmmakers as fodder for her lame ass material. Said, "Yeah, I wouldn't let the them boys wouldn't lick pussy if they had the last tongues on earth." What?


can we drop the second part of that directive? why does anyone give a damn whether a "film" was shot on celluloid or not?


I took it to mean that he didn't consider independent film to be film because to him it isn't well made or challenging or however he choose to distinguish the difference between a "movie" and a "film", not that it isn't actual film.

Sladek! Explain yourself!


ah, so you're saying the question should have been: "why do indie films suck?" :)

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