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October 25, 2006



my first comment would be to getting out of the house to watch independent film: im an independent filmmaker myself (in that i fully financed my own short film, But you just can't compare an independent film with all the resources to an independent film with none."

it almost sounds as if you're being an apologist for the lack of quality in indie films.

although i understand that to some degree (we don't expect quite the same level of talent from our minor league baseball players as our major leaguers), there still needs to be a minimum level of quality for the main film-going public to care.


wow, that last comment got butchered. guess i screwed up the a href link.

the first point was that although i support indie films and am an indie filmmaker myself - it's not a rewarding process (90% of the time), to get out of the house and try to see these films. so it doesn't surprise me that most people don't care about them. for the most part they suck.

the second part addressed the comment referenced. "but you just can't compare an independent film..."


I'd add that in order to qualify for an ifp/independent spirit award, your indie film must be accepted to one of a very prestigious short list of high tier fests or have a theatrical distribution already in place. That, sadly, disqualifies a lot of wonderful high quality, low budget films on the cusp of breaking out with amazing talent. :(

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