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January 24, 2007


Paul Bales

Where are the pictures?

Did you forget the camera?

Am I going to have to come back there and kick some ass?


did you read my first post?

no one can expect us to post pictures on a dial up connection.

you'll get your pictures later...

Paul Bales

Hey, what's with the attitude? You're not too big (and I'm not too far away) to put you over my knee, young lady.

Yeah, I read your first post, but you've been back for a day and a half... or does SAGIndie no longer have a T-1 connection?


Um.......don't harass my employees, dude. We've been back one full day, and it was busy. Is it possible that you can still be this annoying when you don't even work here anymore?! You'll get your stinkin' pictures.


well, to be fair, most, if not all, of the pictures are on my camera, and because I am moving, I have no clue where my camera cable is, so it may take longer, but as newboss said, you will get your pictures.

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